State Treasurer Races in 2024


Washington -
State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti

Mike Pellicciotti (Pelleh-chee-otti) was elected Washington’s 24th State Treasurer in 2020.

As Washington’s chief financial officer, Mike is dedicated to financial transparency, protecting Washington’s financial health, and leading policies that best serve our state’s working families and retirees.

Mike has worked with the Legislature to strengthen budget reserves, manage debt costs, and increase pension funding. As a direct result, Washington has maintained outstanding credit ratings, including the highest “Aaa” rating from Moody’s. Leveraging our state’s strong financial reputation, Mike has refinanced existing debt to save Washington over a half-billion dollars since 2021. He has also increased investment returns for state and local governments, bringing billions of new dollars to Washington communities.

As Treasurer, Mike has led the passage of new laws that make state financial operations more modern and efficient. He has also offered bipartisan legislative proposals consistent with his belief that all Washingtonians should have economic opportunity at birth, the tools to thrive financially throughout life, and a path to security in retirement. Specifically, Mike has expanded financial education access in Washington, and has requested legislation to require financial education in our schools.

Mike has lived and has family on both sides of the Cascades and is committed to serving the entire state. He is particularly focused on promoting policies that support economic development in our rural regions and other communities that have been historically denied access to capital. In these pursuits, he has held hundreds of stakeholder meetings and town halls throughout all of our 39 counties.

Before being elected State Treasurer, Mike was an assistant attorney general and served two terms in the Washington House of Representatives. While representing the 30th Legislative District of South King and North Pierce Counties, he led efforts to increase penalties for corporate crime, to get “dark money” out of politics, and to increase government transparency. 

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and received his Master’s in Rural Development as a United States Fulbright Scholar. His Juris Doctor is from Gonzaga University. Mike is a lifelong fan of Gonzaga Basketball. Go Zags!

Vermont -
State Treasurer Mike Pieciak

Mike Pieciak was inaugurated as Vermont’s 31st State Treasurer in January 2023. During his term, Mike has focused on economic and financial equity. 

Mike successfully championed the passage of “Vermont Saves” - a publicly administered retirement program for the +80,000 Vermonters who currently lack access to a retirement plan through their employer. 

Mike also expanded the “10% in Vermont” program and made the development of new housing a top priority. In September 2023, his office announced $55.5 million in low interest housing loans that is expected to leverage an estimated $340 million in additional capital to support the construction of over 1,100 housing units in Vermont.   

Mike previously served six years as the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation (DFR) where he was first appointed by Governor Peter Shumlin in 2016 and reappointed by Governor Phil Scott in 2017. During the pandemic, Mike served on the COVID-19 pandemic response team providing regular data and modeling updates at the Governor’s weekly press conferences. 

Mike also served as deputy commissioner of DFR’s Securities Division where he led the division’s investigation into the Jay Peak EB-5 projects.

Prior to his public service, Mike practiced law in New York City and at Downs Rachlin Martin in Burlington in the Business Law Group.

Mike grew up in Brattleboro and graduated cum laude from Union College with a degree in political science. He received his law degree summa cum laude from the University of Miami School of Law where he served as editor-in-chief of the “Miami Law Review.” Mike currently resides in Winooski with his partner Will and English Setter Jetty.


Missouri -
Mark Osmack

Missourians deserve a state government that works for them, not against them. Financial and economic security shouldn’t belong only to the few. As Treasurer, Mark will empower working people and families and will implement policies to benefit workers and the middle class.

Champion Missouri Families
a husband and father of two young daughters, Mark understands the demands and costs of raising a family. He will make Missouri the place families want to stay in and move to rather than leave.

Protect Funding for Missouri Retirees and Farmers
Missouri government has played fast and loose with benefits earned by our retired citizens and enhancements for Missouri farmers to thrive. As a 4th generation Missourian, Mark will not bend or yield to the games of Jefferson City threatening to end these benefits.

Increase Resources for First Responders and Teachers
As a Missourian who attended public schools and as a soldier deployed to war twice, Mark personally understands the critical need for supporting those who protect and educate us…because he’s lived it.

You deserve a Treasurer who’s focused on the bottom line - not politics. Someone who will serve the people and not themselves. You deserve a proven leader.

Pennsylvania -
Erin McClelland

A native of Western Pennsylvania and a life-long Democrat, I was born, raised, and currently live in a working class steel mill town on the outskirts of Allegheny County. I am the beneficiary of four generations of organized labor and relish the fact that my hometown still has an operational steel rolling mill. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1997 and Master of Science concentrating in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Chatham University (formerly Chatham College) in 2002.

I spent 15 years of my career as a substance abuse and mental health counselor and served as a program manager and director in treatment systems in multiple Western PA counties. In 2003, I began working at the Institute for Research, Education and Training in Addiction (IRETA) as their Process Improvement Manager. My work was dedicated to reducing the 10-year information gap between best-practice research and clinical integration throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. 

During that time, I had the privilege to train under the direction of former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, where I learned supply chain logistics and lean process improvement strategies to eliminate errors, increase effectiveness, reduce waste, and improve outcomes in large systems. While at IRETA, I served as an opiate addiction consultant on the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy's (ONDCP) 25 Cities Initiative.

In 2006, I designed, successfully state-licensed, and operated the first and only orthomolecular recovery program for addiction in Pennsylvania. This program raised nearly $2 million in venture capital funding and was featured twice in Industrial Engineer Magazine for using supply chain management  principles and lean systems to improve effectiveness. 

In 2014 and 2016, I was the Democratic nominee for the United State Congress in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District serving  Cambria, Somerset, Beaver, Westmoreland, Lawrence, and Allegheny Counties. 

In 2015 I began performing process improvement and policy work at the Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS). My work includes redesigning the organization's employee performance management system, developing a merit-based hiring process and policy, writing the employee medical marijuana policy, and identifying points of systemic-bias in the employee recruitment and retention processes. Every day I work to standardize employees' work, eliminate systemic bias, and advocate for blame-free work-place principles that protect workers, improve morale, and decrease turn-over and other forms of systemic loss.


North Carolina -  
Wesley Harris

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Representative Wesley Harris is running for Treasurer because we deserve a leader in the Treasurer’s office who believes that our greatest resource is our people. As Treasurer, Wesley will make sound investments that keep North Carolina on strong financial ground. He’ll also work to increase our capacity to provide good healthcare and great retirements to state employees and smart infrastructure for all of us. With Wesley Harris at the helm, North Carolina can become a leader in the 21st century economy and remain the best state in the country to work and live. 

In the Treasurer’s office, Wesley will work hard to protect our state bond ratings, increase our capacity for investment in infrastructure that improves people’s lives, and ensure quality healthcare and a secure retirement for state employees. With Wesley Harris at the helm, North Carolina can become a leader in the 21st century economy and remain the best state in the country to work and live by investing in its greatest resource: its people.

When not fighting for working families on Jones Street, Wesley Harris lives in South Charlotte.

Oregon -
Elizabeth Steiner

As a physician, a mom, and one of Oregon’s chief budget writers, I’ve seen firsthand how investing in preventive care, saving for education, and balancing a budget can make all the difference for hard-working families. I’m running for State Treasurer because I know there’s more work to be done to help Oregonians save for their family’s financial goals, boost the financial health of our state, and invest in our shared priorities: healthcare, housing, schools, jobs, and a secure retirement. 

As one of Oregon’s chief budget writers, I led the effort to invest billions of dollars in the services we all depend on. Those dollars will help increase the housing supply, increase access to healthcare, make our roads and bridges safer, protect communities from wildfires, support workers and Oregon’s homegrown industries, and boost opportunity for every Oregon kid - from investments in childcare and early learning to community colleges and job training programs. At the same time, I helped our reserves grow by not overspending.

As State Treasurer, I’ll protect those critical investments and serve as a diligent watchdog of our public dollars, making our state’s education dollars go further, responsibly managing our pensions, and ensuring our public investments perform and align with our values.

Here’s what I believe: no matter who you are or where you live in our state, everyone deserves an opportunity to save for their future. But right now, too many Oregonians are just a late paycheck or an unexpected medical bill away from losing a roof over their heads, missing a car payment, or affording childcare. We know that having $500-$1,000 in savings makes the difference between having a home and becoming homeless, between completing college or technical school and not completing it, or between having a job and becoming unemployed. 

Hard-working families need a trusted champion in our next State Treasurer. Whether it’s simplifying burdensome systems to make saving easier, or holding state agencies accountable to ensure families are aware of existing savings programs, I’ll make sure more parents, students, and workers can save for their futures. 

In the State Senate, I’ve always stood with working families, voting to raise Oregon’s minimum wage and sponsoring the law to strengthen Oregon’s equal pay protections. And I’ve held the line against attacks on our most fundamental rights: working to expand access to reproductive healthcare and protecting public education.

Building a stronger Oregon starts with investing in the health of our families, kids, and communities. Over 30 years of experience as a doctor has given me a deep understanding of how agencies can better work together in our state government to improve the health of Oregonians, offer students a great education, and ensure our communities, families, and economy can thrive. 

I look forward to talking with Oregonians around the state about their priorities, concerns, and goals for our state’s future. Together, I know we can build a stronger, healthier Oregon for today, tomorrow, and generations to come.