New Mexico State Treasurer Laura Montoya

Treasurer Laura M. Montoya was sworn into office on January 1, 2023 as the first female New Mexico State Treasurer and the first Latina in this country’s history. Laura was born, raised and educated in Northern New Mexico.

Treasurer Montoya has served New Mexico for more than two decades at the federal, state, tribal and local government. Montoya served under US Senator Jeff Bingaman as a Constituent Services Representative, in several capacities at the New Mexico Legislature, served under the leadership of Treasurer Douglas M. Brown and assisted with the transition to Treasurer James B. Lewis.

Treasurer Montoya also served as the Vice Chair of Finance, Pensions and Intergovernmental Affairs and Chair of the Next Generation Young Elected Officials with the National Association of Counties, the only Treasurer on the NM Tax Policy committee, a board member on New Mexico Counties.

Treasurer Montoya earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Psychology with a minor in Sociology and her master’s degree in Public Affairs from New Mexico Highlands University. Through a competitive process, Montoya became the 2003 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and studied International Relations at the University of Costa Rica. Montoya has earned her Certified Treasury Official, Certified Public Official and Certified Public Manager along with over 600 credit hours in finance, investments, treasury, market outlook and leadership. Montoya teaches finance and treasury classes to county and city employees and elected officials as well as union members.

Treasurer is the daughter of Councilman Michael L. Montoya and Geralyn B. Montoya of Las Vegas, NM.