Democratic State Treasurers


Twenty-four of the 50 State Treasurer roles in the United States are held either by elected Democrats or by people appointed by elected Democrats.

There are 17 elected Democratic State Treasures. Fifteen are elected by popular vote, and two (Maryland and Maine) are elected by their State Legislatures. In addition, New York has elected a Democrat as State Comptroller and he fulfills the traditional duties of a State Treasurer.

There are also 6 nonpartisan State Treasurers who were appointed by Democratic Governors. The District of Columbia's CFO who fulfills the traditional duties of a State Treasurer was also appointed by a Democratic Mayor.

Elected Democratic State Treasurers

California - Fiona Ma

Colorado - David Young

Connecticut - Shawn Wooden

Delaware - Colleen Davis

Iowa - Michael Fitzgerald

Illinois - Michael Frerichs

Kansas - Lynn Rogers

Massachusetts - Deb Goldberg

Maryland - Dereck Davis

Maine - Henry Beck

New Mexico - Tim Eichenberg

Nevada - Zach Conine

Oregon - Tobias Read

Rhode Isalnd - Seth Magaziner

Vermont - Beth Pearce

Washington - Mike Pellicciotti

Wisconsin - Sarah Godlewski

Nonpartisan Treasurers Appointed by Democratic Governors

District of Columbia - Fitzroy Lee

Hawaii - Craig Hirai

Michigan - Rachael Eubanks

Minnesota - Jim Schowalter

New Hampshire - Monica Mezzapelle

New Jersey - Liz Muoio

Virginia - Manju Ganeriwala