Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski

Sarah Godlewski is a finance expert and former small business owner from Eau Claire, WI who serves as Wisconsin’s State Treasurer. She worked in the private sector as an impact investment expert before a call to service brought her back to Wisconsin. After leading a successful ballot referendum to save the Office of the State Treasurer from being removed, she ran to bring back fiscal accountability and transparency to the office. Sarah is a fifth-generation Wisconsinite, and when she’s not working she loves to spend time at her family cabin in Trego, WI with her husband Max, rescue dog Tanner, and their new baby Hartley.

Protecting Wisconsinites’ Tax Dollars

Since Sarah entered office she has been working to provide transparency and oversight of taxpayer dollars! Because of her financial expertise, Sarah has already discovered and returned over $200,000 back to taxpayers. She is finding government waste and making smarter fiscal decisions. This is only the beginning, and Sarah is tirelessly fighting for the financial interests of the people of Wisconsin.

Investing in Wisconsin’s Future

The office of the State Treasurer has a critical role in ensuring Wisconsin has a stable financial future. Sarah believes a stable financial future is crucial to the wellbeing of Wisconsinites, and is fighting to make sure the state is making smart investments that will provide strong returns for the state. One of the first things she tackled was a gag order on climate change when making investment decisions. Now the office examines how climate change would impact potential investments. As Chair of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, she is prioritizing Wisconsin entrepreneurs and Wisconsin businesses. The BCPL is using these profits to invest in communities, helping build bridges, buy fire trucks, and recover from environmental disasters. Sarah is supporting smart investments that are prudently managed and helping Wisconsinites.

Advocating for the people of Wisconsin

Sarah believes our elected officials should be fierce advocates for the people they serve. She is using the Office of the Treasurer to help vulnerable communities. Sarah’s work as Chair of the Retirement Task Force is focused on listening to the issues Wisconsinites are facing while coming together to find solutions because she believes that folks who have worked their entire lives shouldn’t have to worry about going into poverty in retirement. As Wisconsin's fiscal watchdog, Sarah is standing up to special interests who take advantage of Wisconsinites. The Treasurer’s Office is working to protect Wisconsinites from predatory lending, because Sarah knows that having accurate information is key to making smart investment decisions.